I quit my job in engineering because I like to make colorful  things.

My name is Josh and I am from the dark frigid land of corn and steel mills they call Northwest Indiana. After 5 grueling years of Undergraduate Civil Engineering curriculum, I eventually made my way to Houston, Texas to use my newly gained technical knowledge to sell prefabricated engineered solutions (..what?) so that I can earn enough to pay off my student loans.

In the 5 years that I'd held that position, I learned and grew as a professional with a certain level of success. I had also taken time to build on my artistic skill set and learn in my free time.

I started in Colored Pencil and Marker (Mixed Media) and Acrylic, but I branched into digital drawings/paintings and Graphic Design. I plan to continue to develop those skills and build new skills in UX, UI, Animation, and 3D. A lot of my what inspires me comes from people, culture and spirit.

In March 2021, I finally quit my job in engineering to pursue this full time. I followed my girlfriend and moved to Guatemala with our two dogs. Luckily, I had invested in the equipment necessary to continue working creatively.

When I first created the Instagram for my art, I wanted to share and document my progress but wanted to stay more or less anonymous, which is why I used Time Machine Creative as the title. I had come up with that name because I (like most artists) would lose track of time once I got into a piece. It was like I was transporting myself into the future, a future with this new piece of art in it. And when I look at that piece now, It's like I'm transported back to the time when I was creating it. The way I see it, we are all time machines; we input time as we perceive it through our consciousness and we output art, science, culture etc.

They say to "shoot for the stars and land on a cloud," so in an effort to be even more true to the name, I plan to build a team to research time travel and be the first Time Machine Manufacturing company (think Tesla meets doc brown meets Picasso). In the meantime, It will just be me ... doing art and colorful stuff.

Jump in a Time Machine of Creativity
Time is relative to the way our senses perceive it. Let's excite those senses and travel through time.
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