I'm a Namor Stan until Futher Notice

August 3, 2022

Yooo! I've been hype for Tenoch Huerta being cast in the MCU. I knew for a while that they casted him but until reently it was only hinted and rumored that he would be playing Namor. I had also heard rumors that the cinematic version of the Namor character would have a different origin than the comics. It was rumored that the character would have Aztec or Mayan (ancient mesoamerican) origins. In the comics, Namor was half Atlantean and half human and as you may know the atlantean mythology came from the ancient greeks so my first reaction was: "How are they gonna make that work with a Aztec or Mayan."

So, I started digging. Right off the bat I realized that the Nahuatl word for Water is "Atl" and thought "Hmm Atlantis starts with -ATL-" .. but immediately realized that would be silly since the aztec and greeks would never have any influence on each other and if Marvel did decide to do that, it would be a mistake and culturally tone deaf... (which I wouldn't put it past them to be: see eternals and how it seems they considered Tenochtitlan to be in the Amazon or vice versa.)

So, I decided to look up Atlantis/Aztec in google thinking maybe there was a water world that the Aztecs believed in (which there are so keep reading.) What came up was actually the fact that there was a pseudoarchaeologist back in the day that believed in Atlantis and started superimposing those beliefs on his findings. Essentially thinking that the Atlanteans helped build the Aztec and Mayan empires because of course, how would the indigenous be able to do such an extraordinary thing on their own.

This guy was a racist and has been discredited.

Okay, so I really hoped at that point that Atlantis wouldn't be the route they would go.

So, then I looked up Aztec/Mermaid and something very interesting came up! There was this deity of the Otomi people that was half human and half water creature. So like a mermaid, but instead of a fin like a dolphin it had a tail of a serpent or an eel. That's pretty cool. She was called Acapaxapo which loosely translates to "Water weed mirror." As you may know, the Aztecs did some conquering and after asserting themselves on the Otomi community, they decided to adopt their deity renaming her "Atltonanchane." Atl - water; Tonan- Mother; Chane - spirit.  

After this, my algorithm must have saw me doing work so my timeline was gifted an article on a sunken Mayan city. This city was apparently an island in the middle of a great lake out here in Guatemala called Atitlan, which is a Nahuatl word that means "place of water." (Notice the Aztec influence all the way down here. Remember, the Maya did not speak Nahuatl.)  This giant lake is surrounded by volcanoes and mountains and it's beautiful, so if you have an opportunity to check it out, do so. It's amazing. Apparently, one of the volcanoes erupted and blocked one of the rivers draining the lake so the water level began to rise eventually sinking the city. It wasn't until 1996 that a diver found it and got to name this city Samabaj which is a combination of his name and a Mayan word.

So, maybe they would do a play on the sunken city aspect. I guess there are a few cities that have been lost to rising sea levels...

WELL, it turns out that after I did all this deep diving, Kevin Feige confirmed that Namor would not be from Atlantis but from a place he called Talocan. This is supposedly inspired by a place in Aztec mythology called "Tlalocan" which is named after the god Tlaloc. Tlaloc is the god of water, rain, lightning, and storms among other things. In the Aztec (or Mexica. I really should be using Mexica to be more accurate) mythology, the afterlife wasn't limited to two options like heaven or hell but 9 underworlds and 13 upper-worlds. Tlalocan was one of the underworlds.

This underworld was reserved for people who died by drowning, getting hit by lightning, or other water related deaths. It seems that they showed a Tlaloc looking character in the movie Thor Love and Thunder so maybe he'll play a role in this story. The Aztecs had Tlaloc and the Maya people had a similar god called Chaak or Chaac who was also a god of lightning and water and was know to carry an axe like the one shown in the thumbnail image.

I'm just excited to see a brown man and indigenous actors from this part of the world on the big screen in this way. I started my comic because a lack of representation of not only "Latinos" but also of the rich indigenous cultures that we descend from. The way I see it, this will open the doors a bit for the mainstream to see that there are other creators like me telling stories shining a light on these cultures and a rising tide lifts all boats. I hope Marvel pulls this off in a tasteful respectful way, and in the meantime, Imma just be a Fanboy!

Thanks for reading!  

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