Krita Vs Phoshop

July 9, 2021

Krita Vs Photoshop

I started my digital art journey almost two years ago and, after doing a little research, I decided to download and start learning the Krita drawing software. For digital painting and drawing, it seemed like a great fit because it seemed pretty powerful and… it’s FREEEEE!!!!! After learning it for a bit, I decided to also sign up for adobe cloud and start learning photoshop. I did this because I thought it would be a valuable skill to learn this pretty technical program if I ever needed to be employable as an artist given that it’s an industry standard. So, after using both over these last twoish years, I feel I have a good perspective on it.

In short, it can be a hard comparison when it comes to Krita versus Photoshop because I think it depends on where you’re at with your investment in digital art and what you’re looking for. Photoshop is amazingly powerful and I’ve only scratched the surface on it’s capability. Also, the cool thing about creative cloud is that for the ~$55 monthly fee, you can get access to pretty much all of their amazing programs. I’ve used Premier, Audition, Illustrator, XD, and animate. So, if you need a lot of different programs, adobe is a great deal. BUT it takes a lot of space and processing power. To be able to use all of those programs, you would need a pretty impressive computer (I7, Ryzen7 with at least 16 GB of ram and probably a dedicated graphics card. To be honest, I’ve gotten more used to photoshop than krita in the relevant timeline and I am a bit out of practice on Krita.

Krita is a great fit for a beginner who may not have a brand new high performing computer (Like I was when I downloaded it),  because it doesn’t take a lot of memory or cpu. Krita also offers a myriad of capabilities! Among other things, you can use krita for vectors and animation, both of which require two totally different program in the adobe creative suite. Personally the animate functionality is much easier to learn than Adobe Animate. I’m not going to lie, I gave up pretty quickly with Adobe Animate so, maybe I should try harder… but in the meantime, it’s Krita for me!

Like I mentioned, I’m still using both, but as far as Krita vs Photoshop, I think the following story around a recent technical difficulties can be additionally helpful.

About a month and a half ago I noticed some issues with my trusty old Dell XPS 13. Any time I’d open the thing it would run super slow, slow down the wifi in the whole apartment, and get really hot. Which really sucked because it was my first art laptop and that meant if I wasn’t at my desk I couldn’t draw. So I’m thinking “ okay it’s older and not super technically impressive besides its display.” It has an I5 cpu, 8GB ram, intel graphics …but really nice screen with great color! .. so I’m thinking “okay maybe I should just get a new laptop”. But it turns out that electronics are hella expensive out here! Lol so i decided I’d get a new laptop on trip back to the states that I had already planned. I did my research and found this laptop with Ryzen 7, 16G ram, integrated Radeon graphics …$800! What a deal! sounded really good on paper! I ended up picking it up brought it to where I was staying. Fired it up and the color accuracy was off… which was discouraging. Because, as an artist, that’s not really optimal. I tried calibrating for a while but just couldn’t get it to match… so I realize I need to do better research and I returned the damn thing. I ran out of time in the US and return to the new home in Guatemala. Now I’m stuck with the dell for a while so I decide to try to revive it a bit. I do a clean reset, reinstall windows, a new antivirus, and Adobe Creative Cloud. That’s when I realize that just the Adobe cloud alone was taking up hella cpu and memory and it was the only program in the computer at the time. Forget the actual art programs( photoshop, illustrator etc.) On my desktop it’s not an issue since I have more Memory, a newer better cpu, and a dedicated graphics card. so I uninstall Adobe and try Krita (a free software) and it was much better! Used barely any memory or CPU and I can draw my ass off! Anyway, now I can hang out in bed with Cristine while we watch Netflix before going to sleep and this more mobile work station is came in handy on our recent trip to Costa Rica! I know, first world problems but I’m just glad to get more use out of old faithful. Here's a quick drawing I did recently!

If you’ve made it this far, I hope this can provides some type of insight and I hope your digital art journey is as colorful, fun, and fulfilling as mine has been if not way more! If this was helpful in anyway, please subscribe to my mailing list and/or share this with a friend who might.

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