My New Comic NFT

July 20, 2021
The Nahualli Comic
Series 1 (kids series) Issue 1
and the corresponding NFT


I will be dropping an NFT correlating to the first issue of my Comic Nahualli and to understand the comic you would need a bit of background on my own family, the inspiration behind the characters and story.

My Background

So, if you don’t know by now, my name is Josh Loera and I go by the moniker Timemachine or Timemachine Creative. My three brothers and I were born in Hammond Indiana to two Mexican immigrants. After a couple house flips, the family moved to a smaller quieter town 30 min down 80/94.


A lot of the time, both our parents were working so my older brother, Julian, was burdened with more responsibility from an early age and this manifested in him being the conservative, careful, introverted one but when he did cut loose, it was always a blast. Physically always bigger and stronger than us he could take on the three of us and some friends on his own. Chris and Charlie are fraternal twins that were yin and yang to each other in a way. Chris, the strong silent type and Charlie the class clown. (Flashback:Before they could really speak they had their own babble language that I, for some reason, understood and would translate for my parents.) Which brings me to my character, the middle child, very confident for a young boy, self sufficient and pulled towards art and music like a magnet.  

Here are my brothers and I and our closest cousin Laura (of whom I have a character inspired by to be introduced later)

My brothers myself and our dad.


The four brothers and my cousin Laura (future character inspired by her)

This small quiet town was distinctly different than where we were born in that it was majority white. I realized quickly that I was looked at differently and always found myself among friends of color or otherwise outcast kids if I wasn’t with my brothers who were my closest friends.


Growing up, my family was very Mexican American. We ate tortillas like bread, we had pinatas at parties, tamales for Christmas, my parents and grandparents spoke Spanish and we would reply in English. This made me want to get in touch with my Mexican background as I was pulled away through school and etc. I took Spanish classes, I researched Mexican holidays, Cinco De Mayo “Not really Mexican”, I cooked with my mom and learned how to make tortillas. I even joined a Latino fraternity at a College that had some of the highest hate crime data.


My point in saying all this is that throughout my life I’ve realized that finding places and or media that highlighted the beautiful parts of Mexican/Latinx cultures and the Mexican American experience is lacking. AND when I delve deeper it’s even more lacking in highlighting indigenous American cultures and when I say America, I mean the whole thing, North, Central, and South. Historically, indigenous people in Mexico, Central, and South America are similar to US in their oppression and disenfranchisement of those peoples. This results in a color classism or “pigmentocracy” that manifested in a richer white class a poorer brown class and everything in between. The media and otherwise propaganda has painted the indigenous to be lesser than, lazy, stupid etc. which caused many people to shun their indigenous background and hate their indigenous traits.


This means that any ties to my indigenous roots have been cut. So, I’ve started a journey of rediscovering those roots and in a way making my own connections to them.

My Comic

Additionally, as an avid superhero fan and MCU addict, it was later in life that I was craving a superhero story about characters with more melanin. And in my search I found cool things in independent and otherwise comics, but not quite what I was looking for. At that time, I had been getting back in touch with the arts and finally decided to create something that meant something to me.


There’s many heroes from ancient mythologies like thor, zeus, amazonians etc. But not many from Aztec or other ancient American mythologies (might be partly due to the burning and desecration of religious texts in those cultures).


So, after reading a few books about screen writing, mythology building, and building my art skills, I decided to finally make my comic book, Nahualli.


Nahualli loosely translates to sorcerer; a shape-changer; a spirit, often an animal form or shape a person could take. This is a word from the language that the Aztecs spoke, Nahua. Through this comic, I wanted to create a story inspired by the journey of a Mexican American family finding and taking control of their individual powers whether that’s supernatural or natural. In this story, the main characters have been separated from their native culture and are adopted in modern times. They slowly rediscover their roots and learn more about the source of their powers.


Along with the story, I wanted to highlight brown skin and indigenous traits in the illustration style I use/will use.


In future series, I plan on exploring a fantastically high tech version of the precolonial Aztec society inspired by the fact that the Aztecs were an advanced society in their time and their fall was largely due to diseases, deceit, and disloyalty.

That is to say that there are some cool plans for this property and I do not plan to stop with this first series. I plan on introducing more characters inspired by other members of my family including the badass girls and women in my family.

Read the Comic


As far as NFTs, I plan to mint at least one per issue and likely some special drops in between specific to each character or scenes from the Nahualli Comic Universe. If I can sell enough of these, I will use the funds for the following: Investing in a team to draw/write more comics, donate to indigenous groups (like the Mayan fund), Invest in other NFTs, and Hold in ETH.

This first NFT will come with a signed first edition printed copy of the first Issue and a T-shirt with a limited Nahualli NFT design.

The way I am structuring these first NFTs is around inclusivity in that the comic is free to read for anyone and the NFTs will be affordable with hopefully some added value in the tangible collectibles.

As I  continue to build the comic, hopefully the value of the collectibles will build along side it.

I’m already happy with the fact that a few of my friends and my niece/nephews like the comic so anything more is icing on top. So here’s to a little icing!

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