Why I started a FREE WebComic

December 21, 2021

(and why it sucks)

So, I’ve started this comic and it kinds sucks. I know I shouldn’t indulge in the negative talk as it relates to myself or my comics, but I can look at it objectively. It’s something I’m pretty proud of and it took a lot of time and effort but I can acknowledge that compared to other comics, it’s maybe not up to snuff. So, it can be confusing as to what the hell I’m doing and why I’m doing it in this way. So, to shine more light on my plans for this comic in the short and long term, I split it up into phases below.

Phase 1: write and draw a damn comic book

1. Nahualli Kids

   a) What: The Nahualli Kids series is an origin story for the characters I have created inspired by myself, my three brothers, and other family members.

   b) Why:

      i. Story: I thought up this idea based on a lack of representation in the fantastic superhero stories that I was able to enjoy through, movies, tv, comics etc. This being the case, I wanted to make a story that brown kids can relate to more direclty. And of course it wouldn’t just be brown kids that can enjoy these stories (because I’m brown and still watched Spiderman growing up and still watch the mostly white male MCU.)

      ii. Ownership: By creating something independent, I will own this IP and “business” if the business ever becomes significant enough I will share that ownership with other creators/collaborators. But in the end the control is given to the people who have not historically been allowed to have it. (see HBO and the complete erasure of the best character in the Justice League Movie which was totally not because he was black).)

      iii. Learn: I want to learn how to make a comic… By making a comic. I hope to learn everything it takes to do this; writing, drawing, publishing, printing, promoting etc. So far, I’ve even learned how to make a comic functionality on my website.

      iv. Share: I think by sharing these early forms that my comic is taking, the person reading it can see my progress as an artist and as a creator. As new issues come out, the art should improve and when this first series is complete I hope to be either executing at a pro level, that much closer to being a pro, or much more familiar with what it takes to be a pro.

      v. Grow: I hope by sharing this series publicly and for free, I can start to get the attention and interest of people who might be interested in the future of the Nahualli Comic Universe. By doing that, I can also get an insight into what people think of the characters, story, and art as the story develops.

      vi. Build: This origin story would be the foundation on which the future series will be built on. The idea started with an inspiration that resulted in some character designs which made me start thinking of the powers and stories behind these heroes. Since then, I’ve come up with many more ideas for future series and building out a comic book universe as a whole.

   c) When: I’ve planned to release a new comic every two months and so far have met that for both available issues so far. The series will last at least 6 issues but might be more like 9. I’ve not been historically very good at how much story will fit on each page.  

  d) Where: As of now, I will be publishing the comic on my site as a webcomic. I Ultimately intend to distribute physical copies either directly to fans or through comic book shops maybe both.

   e) How: By the end of this series, I would like to take it to the next level. A traditional comic book company has many creatives working on it to create a certain level of quality at the pace that new issues are released. Which is what I would call phase 2. But to get to that phase, I will need some support from “the community”. I would make an effort to raise funds by different sources.

      i. GoFundMe

      ii. Merch Sales

      iii. Comic book sales

      iv. Possibly a Patreon

      v. NFT sales

          1. If step 1.e doesn’t works out, see I’ll just repeat phase 1.

2. Phase 2:

   a) The start of a proper comic book company.

      i. Hopefully at this point I will have the ability to hire at least one person or partner with another person.

          1. Ideally it would be two more people: an additional artist and a writer.

      ii. From here we would work together to put out more stories faster.

      iii. We would also make a more pronounced effort to start distribution to comic shops and also have the issues available for ordering direct to the customer and available on comic reader sites like Comixology etc.

   b) If I make it to phase 2,  I’ll be doing what I love and telling stories that can empower young brown people, so if this is the path, then fuck it sounds great to me. But if it does continue to grow, then, that’s where we get into phase 3.

3. Phase 3:

   a) Phase 3 would either be continuing to build but also see if there’s possibility to do something in TV or movies with the property.

Anyway, I don’t think the comic sucks. I actually think quite highly of the idea and these are my loose plans as of now. Things change and so may my plans. Although they seem to be coming along as planned for now so stay tuned and if you’d like to support the cause, the easiest way to do that is just read up on the story and share with someone who might be into it. If you'd like to do more than that, let me know and stay tuned for new info as it comes along.

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